Third User Workshop

The Third User Workshop was held on June 28 and 29, 2017 in Roma, Italy and hosted by FAO. Like previously, it was part of a full week dedicated to crop monitoring, which started with the Final Meeting of the FP7 Sigma project and ended with a JECAM workshop.

More than 35 participants attended the Sen2-Agri User Workshop, representing 17 countries and 7 international organizations. Most of them have been involved since the very beginning of the project, but new users were also part of the workshop as they already planned to use the open-source Sen2-Agri system and wanted to learn from the experience gained during the project.

The objective was to get feedback from the sites managers that were actively involved in the demonstration activities carried out during the last 12 months in real conditions. During this activity, the system was run at national scale over 3 countries (Mali, South Africa and Ukraine) and over 9 local sites of around 90.000 km² spread over the world. Each site presented its assessment of the Sen2-Agri products and of their usefulness in concrete use cases.

These presentations and the subsequent discussions allowed highlighting the added values of the Sen2-Agri products and system and also paving the way for the future, by making clear recommendations and starting building the Sen2-Agri community. The workshop concluded with the announcement of the public release of the Sen2-Agri system and was followed-up by the 3rd training of the project.




Opening session
​​9:00 ​​Welcome address and meeting objectives ​​FAO – ESA – UCL
​9:15 Sentinels mission status ​B. Koetz (ESA)
​9:30 ​Achievements of the Sen2-Agri project ​P. Defourny (UCL)
​First session: Reports from national demonstration sites
​10:00 Nationwide Sen2Agri demonstration in Ukraine ​N. Kussul (SRI)
​11:00 ​Nationwide Sen2Agri demonstration in Mali ​P.S. Traoré (Icrisat)
​11:30 Nationwide Sen2Agri demonstration in South Africa ​T. Newby (ARC)
Second session: Reports from local and voluntary demonstration sites
​14:00 ​​Morocco demonstration site (Tensift area) J. Ezzahar (UCA)
​14:20 Morocco demonstration site (Tadlat area) A. Elharti (UCS)
​14:40 Morocco demonstration site (Doukkala area) K. Labassi (UCD)
​14:50 Sudan demonstration site N.K. Salh (Min. of Agriculture)
​14:50 Madagascar demonstration site V. Lebourgeois (Cirad)
​15:10 France demonstration site G. Dedieu (Cesbio)
​16:00 Belgium demonstration site ​​N. Bellemans (UCL)
​16:20 Czech demonstration site ​N. Joshi
​16:40 Bangladesh & Mexican demonstration site ​U. Schulthess (CIMMYT)
Synthesis and conclusions
​17:15 Conclusions of the demonstration phase ​B. Koetz (ESA)