Second User Workshop

The Second User Workshop was held on November 18 in Brussels, Belgium. It was part of a full week dedicated to crop monitoring, which started with the 2015 JECAM Annual Science Meeting and ended with the Annual Meeting of the FP7 SIGMA project, giving the participants a unique opportunity to share their views.

More than 35 participants attended the workshop, representing 17 countries and 7 international organizations. The objective was to get feedback from the user comunity about the Sen2-Agri prototype products and system and the coming demonstration activities based on Sentinel-2 data.

The meeting was hosted by the European Commission DG-Grow. The fruitful discussions focused on the presentation of the progress made by the project during the past year, on the foreseen products and system, on the coming demonstration phase and on the associated training and capacity building activities.

The workshop allowed concluding that our users positively received our prototype products and the design of the system under development. They also expressed a large interest for taking part to the demonstration exercise that will consist in testing the system in real life conditions, i.e. with Sentinel-2 data and in near-real time for local to national agriculture monitoring.


Morning session
​​9:00 ​​Welcome address ​​M. Massard – EC/DG Grow
​9:10 ​Introduction and meeting objectives ​B. Koetz – ESA
​9:30 ​Sen2-Agri project current status and plan ​S. Bontemps – UCL
​9:50 ​Sen2-Agri system overview ​A. Bridier – CS
​10:20 ​Product description and SPOT 4/5 Take 5 results – Cloud-free composite ​G. Dedieu – Cesbio
​11:15 ​Product description and SPOT 4/5 Take 5 results – Cropland & crop type maps ​S. Bontemps – UCL
​11:45 ​Product description and SPOT 4/5 Take 5 results – Biophysical variables ​​J. Inglada – Cesbio
​Afternoon session
​14:00 ​​Plan for the demonstration phase and training plan ​​P. Defourny – UCL
​14:10 ​Feedback about Sen2-Agri system ​User group
​15:05 ​Feedback about training capacity activities ​User group
​16:15 ​Interest and recommendations for demonstration phase ​User group
​17:15 ​​Synthesis ​​P. Defourny – UCL
​17:30 ​Conclusions of the meeting ​B. Koetz – ESA