Third User Training Session

The Sen2-Agri Third User Training Session took place on June 29, 2017 in Rome, Italy. Hosted by the World Food Programme, it was collocated with the Third User Workshop of the project and followed the public delivery of the open-source Sen2-Agri system.

The training consisted in a mix of presentations, technical discussions and hands-on training aiming at improving the capacities of the attendees for a more efficient understanding and use of the Sen2-Agri system.




​Opening session
 9:00​ ​Welcome addresses and introduction ​​WFP
​9:15 ​Sen2-Agri as community tool and future user uptake ​B. Koetz – ESA
​9:30 ​Sen2-Agri for food security applications – WFP use cases ​R. Bonifacio – WFP
​9:50 ​Sen2-Agri perspectives for CIMMYT – Sharing first results and forward vision ​U. Schulthess – CIMMYT
​10:10 ​Sen2-Agri for FAO applications ​G. Franceschini – FAO
​11:00 ​The Sen2-Agri system: a contribution to GEOGLAM ​I. Jarvis – GEOGLAM
​11:15 ​SBMGF vision for EO for agriculture in the Sentinel era ​S. Wood – BMGF
First session: The way forward ​ ​
11:30 ​Paving the way for the future
(system maintenance, system operation support, scientific publications,
tools for feedback and user supports, etc.)
​​12:00 ​​Sen2-Agri public release – Opportunities for a Sen2-Agri community ​​
Second session: Hands-on training (computing session)
​​14:00 ​​Configuration of the automated mode, operations in off line mode and monitoring
​14:45 ​​In situ data collection, manipulation and products management
Third session: Technical parallel sessions​ ​ ​
1 ​System installation
2 ​System operations
3 ​Field campaign strategy
4 Products exploitation through use cases
5 Problem solving discussion about any topics identified during the demonstration