January 2018 Webinar

On Thursday 11 January took place our second Sen2-Agri webinar. For this second edition, 49 participants were attending.

You can find here below the agenda and the slides used as support:

A general overview of the Sen2-Agri system is given, highlighting the products it generates, its design and its operation modes.


The first public release (version 1.6) took place in June 2017. In November 2017, the next version 1.7 was made available through the website. A second update is planned for February 2018, with the version 1.8. The content of each version is detailed, as well as the roadmap for the following evolutions. A first round of questions is open.


Users from Agricultural Research Council (South Africa), Ministry of Agriculture (Sudan), ICRISAT (Mali), Hydromod (Portugal), WFP (Italy – South Sudan), USDA (USA), CRTS office (Morocco), GéoDeSIS-Caraibe shared their experiences and expectations.


The current work about the development of a new visualization tool is presented.