Site description


Ukraine is the last national demonstration sites of the project. The whole country is considered in the development of the Sen2-Agri products, corresponding to an acreage of 576 604 km².

The type of the climate is humid continental, including a snow period in February and March.


The main crops produced in the country are wheat, sunflower, maize, barley and soybean.

Depending on the crop type, the growing season extends from September to July or from April to October.

The field size ranges from 30 up to 250 ha. Due to a relatively large number of major crops and other factors, there is not a typical simple crop rotation for the whole site and most producers use different crop rotations depending on specialization.


Sen2-Agri Products



The coordination of the activities related to field data collection and product assessment over the Ukrainian site is ensured by the Space Research Institute National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and State Space Agency of Ukraine (SRI NASU-SSAU).