South Africa

Site description


South Africa is the second national demonstration sites of the project. The site selected for the project in this country is actually divided in two parts representing more than 95% of the national cropland area and a total acreage of 619 606 km²:

  • The Eastern Cap province including Cape Town city on one side;
  • The North West, Gauteng, Mpumalanga, Free State and Kwazulu-Natal provinces on the other side.

The type of the climate is sub-humid to semi-arid.


The main crops produced in this site are maize, wheat, sunflower and soybean.

Depending on the crop type, the growing season extends from December to June or from April to November.

The field size is generally around 40 ha.


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The coordination of the activities related to field data collection and product assessment over the South African site is ensured by the South African Group on Earth Observation (SA-GEO), with the contribution of the Agricultural Research Council (ARC-LNR) and of the GeoTerraImage​ company.