Site description


Mali is the first national demonstration site of the project. The area considered for the development of the Sen2-Agri products is the southern part of the country, including the capital Bamako and excluding the Sahelian desert zones of the North, which represents more than 95% of the national cropland area and a total acreage of 447 948 km².

The climate is sudano-sahelian.

The main crops produced in the country are millet, sorghum, rice, maize and cotton.

The growing season extends from May/June to October/November with a field preparation period in March/April.

The field size is rather small, generally around 1.5 ha.


Sen2-Agri Products

L3B – Leaf Area Index (LAI) over the season – with Sentinel-2A only



The coordination of the activities related to field data collection and product assessment over the Malian site is ensured by the International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics (ICRISAT), in coordination with the ​Institut d’Économie Rurale (IER – Rural Development Institute) and the Cellule de Planification et de Statistiques (CPS – Planning and Statistics Office), both organisations being attached to the Ministry of Agriculture of Mali.