Site description


The demonstration site chosen in France belongs to the southern part of the country and corresponds approximately to the Midi-Pyrenees region, covering an area of 15 000 to 25 000 kmĀ².

The climate varies over the region from temperate to Mediterranean. The weather can be rainy in spring and becomes rather dry from July to end of October

The main crops observed on the site are maize and soybean (generally irrigated), sunflower and sorghum (non irrigated), winter wheat and rapeseed. Tree crops and vineyards can also be found, as well as permanent and temporary pastures.

The growing season depends of the crop type and ranges:

  • From October to July for winter wheat,
  • From September to June for rapeseed
  • From April/May to September for sunflower or October for maize, sorghum and soybean.

The field size varies from 3 to 20 ha.


Sen2-Agri Products


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The coordination of the activities related to field data collection and product assessment over the Malagasy site is ensured by CESBIO.

Various organisations will benefit from the Sen2-Agri project results as champion users: Arvalis, Terres Inovia, INRA and several agricultural cooperatives.