A demonstration phase in real life conditions to support the full validation of the system and generate standard products

The demonstration aims at validating and qualifying the Sen2-Agri system and products and at assessing their suitability for regional to national agricultural monitoring purposes as defined by the user requirements. It will be done through national and local sites, to show the usefulness of the Sen2-Agri information products for governmental, scientific and international agricultural entities.

The Sen2-Agri demonstration is completed at two different levels through at least 8 sites:

  • 5 local sites corresponding each one to a 300 x 300 km² area (i.e. a single Sentinel-2 scene);

For each use case, the Sen2-Agri products are generated along the growing season, according to the Sentinel-2 and Landsat-8 data availability and thanks to the active involvement of local partners for in situ data collection and products analysis.

This demonstration is also a learning-by-doing process, in particular with regard to the operational expectations, the logistic requirements and the local constraints when implementing such a Sen2-Agri system in an operational framework.