Second Sen2-Agri Webinar

On Thursday 11 January took place our second Sen2-Agri webinar. For this second edition, 49 participants were attending.

You can find here below the agenda and the slides used as support:

  • Generic description of Sen2-Agri system: Focus to new users —  Download the slides here
  • A general overview of the Sen2-Agri system is given, highlighting the products it generates, its design and its operation modes.

  • Information about the release of the next version (content and dates) — Download the slides here
  • The first public release (version 1.6) took place in June 2017. In November 2017, the next version 1.7 was made available through the website. A second update is planned for February 2018, with the version 1.8. The content of each version is detailed, as well as the roadmap for the following evolutions. A first round of questions is open.

  • Round-table of Sen2-Agri users: experience sharing and open questions — Download the slides here
  • Users from Agricultural Research Council (South Africa), Ministry of Agriculture (Sudan), ICRISAT (Mali), Hydromod (Portugal), WFP (Italy – South Sudan), USDA (USA), CRTS office (Morocco), GéoDeSIS-Caraibe shared their experiences and expectations.

  • Sen2-Agri visualization tool — Download the slides here
  • The current work about the development of a new visualization tool is presented.

Next webinar
Next webinar will be on Thursday 8 March at 13h30 GMT. More information are provided in this post