Release of the version 1.8.2 of the Sen2-Agri system

We are happy to announce you the availability of the new version 1.8.2 of the Sen2-Agri system. This version 1.8.2 includes two important evolutions with respect to the sen2agri-services application and the L2A processor.

1) The sen2agri-services application, introduced in v1.8 and replacing the old S2 and L8 downloaders, was lacking the following functionalities:

  • handling of multi-polygons site extent
  • handling of long decimal precision in the geometry coordinates of the site extent
  • handling of the time lag between the S2 images availability on the ESA-Scientific Data Hub and on the AWS store

The new version adds these functionalities, which will avoid missing downloads of S2 or L8 images.


2) The L2A processor, in charge of the atmospheric correction and based on MACCS, is making use of Ground Image Processing Parameters (GIPP) which was not totally aligned with those used by the CNES production centre. It resulted in an over-correction of S2 reflectance values in some spectral bands.

The new version provides an updated version of these GIPP.

Different procedures to update your system

The procedure to install this new version may vary depending on how you are currently using the Sen2-Agri system (ongoing processing, number of sites, etc.). We have identified a list of cases that can represent your current use of Sen2-Agri and for each of them, we have detailed you how to easily install/update your system. We strongly recommend you reading carefully this section and following the instructions.

Would you have any doubt or questions, don’t hesitate to contact us through the System Installation and Configuration thread of the Sen2-Agri forum.

Stay tuned !

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The Sen2-Agri team