Release of the version 1.8.1 of the Sen2-Agri system

The Sen2-Agri team is very proud to announce you today the release of the version 1.8.1.

Almost identical to the version 1.8, released on 6 April, it fixed a small bug in the generation of multi-date (L3C) and fitted (L3D) biophysical variable products with the new L3B processor.

Major changes compared to the v1.7 are listed here below:

  • New features on the Graphical user Interface (GUI), allowing you to:
    • upload training in situ data and strata shapefiles
    • delete site or season from the GUI
    • filter output products by site, season, tiles or time period
    • disable Landsat 8 (downloading and processing) for a specific site
    • delete a scheduled job
    • pause/resume/cancel and run a job
    • enable/disable the download and processing for a particular site and season (bug fixed)
  • New version of the L3B processor allowing to produce LAI – fAPAR – fCOVER and NDVI indices for Sentinel-2 images using an updated retrieval algorithm (not yet included by-default, but can be activated);
  • New sen2agri-services application that is replacing the previous individual S2 and L8 downloaders (more info here)

The full list of added functionnalities/changes/fixed bugs/known issues is available in the Changelog section under the System download tab.

The system FAQ section reflects the elements of this new version.

To benefit from these improvements, take a minute to upgrade your system.

Stay tuned !

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The Sen2-Agri team