A 3-Year Project to demonstrate the capabilities of Sentinel-2 to adress the operational agriculture information challenge

The project activities are split into several steps:

  • During Phase 1, user requirements have been collected and consolidated to set up relevant products and system specifications. Simulated test datasets representative of Sentinel-2 imagery were acquired over 12 test sites to benchmark algorithms and design the system;
  • Phase 2, was devoted to the development of an open source processing system and the generation of prototype products based on the Phase 1 outcomes;
  • Starting right after the Sentinel-2 commissioning phase, Phase 3 was demonstrating and validating the developed system with actual Sentinel-2 time series, with the additional objective to transfer the system to the Champion Users at operational level.
  • The Extension Phase allows facilitating the user uptake of the regularly updated Sen2-Agri system and to run a second demonstration exploiting the full Sentinel-2 constallation (5 days revisit).