Pre-release of the version 1.8 of the Sen2-Agri system

The Sen2-Agri team is very proud to announce you today the pre-release of the version 1.8 of the Sen2-Agri system. At this stage, the version 1.8 has been tested internally on different kinds of environments with no known showstopper-class bugs.

During the next 3 weeks, the version 1.7 will remain the “stable” version while additional beta testing with the version 1.8 will be conducted at some users’ location. For those who want to be part of this version 1.8 beta testing, we’ve created a dedicated category on the forum and we invite you to provide us with feedback on whether the changes we have implemented are working correctly and have not introduced new issues.

After this pre-release period, the version 1.8 will become the new “stable” version and we will strongly advice all of you to update your system version to benefits from the last developments.

This version 1.8 includes new functionalities and corrects some bugs identified in the previous versions. Major changes are listed below:

  • New features on the Graphical user Interface (GUI), allowing you to:
    • upload training in situ data and strata shapefiles
    • delete site or season from the GUI
    • filter output products by site, season, tiles or time period
    • disable Landsat 8 (downloading and processing) for a specific site
    • delete a scheduled job
    • pause/resume/cancel and run a job
    • enable/disable the download and processing for a particular site and season (bug fixed)
  • New version of the L3B processor allowing to produce LAI – fAPAR – fCOVER and NDVI indices for Sentinel-2 images using an updated retrieval algorithm (not yet included by-default, but can be activated);
  • New sen2agri-services application that is replacing the previous individual S2 and L8 downloaders (more info here)

The full list of added functionnalities/changes/fixed bugs/known issues is available in the Changelog section under the System download tab.

Finally, we’ve updated the system FAQ section to reflect the elements of this new version.

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The Sen2-Agri team