​Detailed description of the Sen2-Agri system

The Sen2-Agri system is an open source one. It consists in:

  • A set of Software Components (one for each type of product and an additional one dedicated to atmospheric correction), building all together the Sen2-Agri Toolbox. Each of these modules can be run independently thanks to their interfaces with other standard open-source processing frameworks such as the Sentinel-2 ToolBox or the Sentinel Application Platform (SNAP);
  • An Orchestrator, a central component that manages the automated execution of these components from input EO data download through processing up to product delivery along the season basing upon user supplied parameters. It is also in charge of controlling resource allocation (memory, CPU) to execute jobs and dispatching them on execution nodes (i.e. a single machine or several ones whenever possible).


The Sen2-Agri system also includes a Graphical User Interface (GUI) to define and handle all the requested information, designed to simplify the setting of mandatory or advanced parameters within separate views. This interface will control the launch of the system once the user has validated all the parameters. It will also indicate the main directories or files used by the system (e.g. location of the output products, of the log file, etc.).