The Sen2-Agri system: a multipurpose framework

The Sentinel-2 for Agriculture system has been designed to deliver Earth observation based products dedicated to agriculture monitoring in an operational way. Developed as an open source system, it allows any user to generate at his own premises the products tailored to his needs..

The modular design and the standardization of interfaces considered during the development make the Sen-2 Agri architecture targeted at various user profiles:

  • High-level analysts, who want to integrate the products into their estimations related to agriculture and food production status and are interested in a direct delivery of the products by the Sen-2 Agri system;
  • Operator level users, who aim at running the system and generating the Sen2-Agri products in their own facilities to control and validate the results, then disseminate them to their own high-level users;
  • Research users, who would rather access and tune the components available within the Sen2-Agri ToolBox, to define new products and validate them in order to optionally produce them into their own production system or into the Sen2-Agri one.

Designed to work not only with Sentinel-2 but also Landsat 8 imagery, the Sen-2 Agri system is able to ingest in situ information, more particularly to customize the development of the cropland mask and crop type map products.