On-line trainings in March

Following the request of several users of the Sen2-Agri community, three on-line trainings took place in March 2018.

  • A training for beginners was organized on March, 15 at 13h30 GMT. This training lasted around 1h30. It included a presentation, followed by discussions and open questions. It was intended for people that are not yet familiar with the system. The presentation addressed the system and products presentation, system installation and operation.

→ You can find the slides of this training here.

  • An open session dedicated to system installation was organized on March 29 at 12h30 GMT. The consortium was on-line to reply to your questions.

→ This session is completed.

  • Finally, a training about Sen2-Agri databases management was organized on Tuesday 6th of March, at 13h30 GMT. This training is dedicated to more advanced users who want to understand better how to manage and tune the default system configuration.

→ This training is completed. You can find the slides here.

We hope you found interest in this first training plan. We can elaborate more on other topics during the 4th webinar (8th May).

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The Sen2-Agri team