Fifth Sen2Agri webinar

On Thursday 19th of July took place our fifth Sen2-Agri webinar, dedicated to in situ data collection. For this edition, 27 participants were attending.

For this webinar, we invited each one of you having experience with field data collection campaign to share it with the Sen2-Agri community. It was so interesting to hear you about:


  • your context: country, spatial scale, purpose, organization of dedicated cropland/croptype data collection field survey or relying on pre-existing initiatives (household survey, official statistics census, etc),…
  • your protocol: windshield surveys from a vehicle, field survey possibly supported by dedicated smartphone app, field survey supported by UAV flights or airborne, samping density and distribution,…



You can find here the agenda and the slides used as support.

Next webinar 
Next webinar will be on Thursday 13 September at 12h30 GMTMore information are provided in this post

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