Past events

On Thursday 13th of September took place our sixth Sen2-Agri webinar, dedicated to the presentation of the new version 1.8.3 which solves the issue of S2 images download further to the cancellation of the S2 free access policy from the Amazon Web Service (AWS). We also gave an overview of the […]

Sixth Sen2-Agri Webinar

On Thursday 19th of July took place our fifth Sen2-Agri webinar, dedicated to in situ data collection. For this edition, 27 participants were attending. For this webinar, we invited each one of you having experience with field data collection campaign to share it with the Sen2-Agri community. It was so interesting to […]

Fifth Sen2Agri webinar

A new Training for Beginners was organized on Thursday 31st of May 12h30 GMT (14h30 CEST). This training lasted around 1h30. It will include several presentations covering the basics of the Sen2-Agri system: methods and algorithms overview; system description, operation, installation and requirements; user supports available. Each presentation was followed by […]

Training for beginners on May 31, 12h30 GMT

On Thursday 3rd of May took place our fourth Sen2-Agri webinar. For this edition, 71 participants were attending. You can find here the agenda and the slides used as support: Next webinar  Next webinar will be on Thursday 19 July at 12h30 GMT. More information are provided in this post Stay Informed If you would like to […]

Fourth Sen2Agri webinar

Following the request of several users of the Sen2-Agri community, three on-line trainings took place in March 2018. A training for beginners was organized on March, 15 at 13h30 GMT. This training lasted around 1h30. It included a presentation, followed by discussions and open questions. It was intended for people […]

On-line trainings in March

On Thursday 8 March took place our third Sen2-Agri webinar. For this third edition, 53 participants were attending. You can find here the agenda and the slides used as support: Next webinar Next webinar will be on Thursday 3 May at 13h30 GMT. More information are provided in this post

Third Sen2-Agri Webinar

On Thursday 11 January took place our second Sen2-Agri webinar. For this second edition, 49 participants were attending. You can find here below the agenda and the slides used as support: Generic description of Sen2-Agri system: Focus to new users —  Download the slides here A general overview of the Sen2-Agri […]

Second Sen2-Agri Webinar

Starting from November this year, regular webinars will be organized in order to communicate recent system evolutions, exchange on ongoing researchs or protocols, share user experiences, collect feedbacks, etc. On Thursday November 30 took place our first Sen2-Agri webinar. Here below is the agenda and the slides used as support: […]

First Sen2-Agri Webinar

May 8-12, 2017, Tshwane, South Africa The 37th International Symposium on Remote Sensing of Environment (ISRSE-37) will convene in Tshwane, South Africa 8 to 12 May 2017. Operational exploitation of the Sen2-Agri system and results of the national demonstration cases will be presented during the specific session dedicated to Geoglam […]

Sen2-Agri project at IRSE-37