​​Preparing Sentinel-2 exploitation for agriculture monitoring

Agriculture is a key remote sensing application with high requirements. Short-term observation requirements in a global perspective for agriculture monitoring were tentatively defined by the GEO Agricultural Monitoring Community of Practice. The critical importance of the decameter resolution capabilities was highlighted to cover the whole diversity of the agricultural landscapes.


In this respect, the up-coming Sentinel-2 mission is a unique opportunity. Its 10-20m spatial resolution, its 5-day revisit frequency, its global coverage and its compatibility to the Landsat missions offer new opportunities for regional to global agriculture monitoring.

In this context, the Sentinel-2 for Agriculture (Sen2-Agri) project has recently been launched by ESA, as a major contribution to the R&D component of the GEOGLAM initiative and to the JECAM network activities. The project will demonstrate the benefit of the Sentinel-2 mission for the agriculture domain across a range of crops and agricultural practices. The intention is to provide the international user community with validated algorithms to derive Earth Observation products relevant for crop monitoring.


    Sen2-Agri Champion 1st Training Session

    5/12-14/2016, Prague, Czech Republic

    The first hands-on training session in support of the Sen2-Agri project demonstration phase will take place as a side event of the Living Planet Symposium 2016.
    Agenda can be accessed here.

    Sen2-Agri project at LPS 2016

    5/9-13/2016, Prague, Czech Republic

    The Sen2-Agri project and system will be presented during the Living Planet Symposium 2016.

    2nd ESA Sen2-Agri Champion Users Workshop

    11/18/2015, Brussels, Belgium

    Sen2-Agri project demonstration at the JECAM Annual Science Meeting, Sentinel-2 for Agriculture 2nd User Workshop and the SIGMA Annual meeting.
    Agenda can be accessed here.

    Sen2-Agri project at IGARSS 2015

    7/26/2015, Milano, Italy

    Sen2-Agri project presented at IGARSS 2015, in Milano.

    Sentinel-2 for Science Workshop

    5/20/2014, Frascati, Italy

    Sentinel-2 for Science Workshop hosted by ESA-ESRIN between May 20th and 22nd, 2014.

    Sentinel-2 for Agriculture User Workshop

    5/19/2014, Frascati, Italy

    Sentinel-2 for Agriculture 1st User Workshop organized on May 19th, 2014 at FAO Headquarters in Rome.

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