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      Early 2016 crop type over Central Bohemia Region (Czech Republic) from Sentinel-2 Images

      This crop type map has been developed using Sentinel-2 images collected on March 17 and 27, 2016.
      The Leaf Area Index (LAI) map, presented in the lower right corner, allows to monitor the vegetation status of each field during the growing season. Available for each new cloud-free acquisition, it is one of the 4 agricultural products that can be automatically generated by the Sen2Agri system.
      (Credit : Sen2Agri ESA – JRC – GISAT).

      Sen2-Agri 2nd Training Session

      5/12-14/2016, Prague, Czech Republic

      The second hands-on training session in support of the Sen2-Agri project demonstration phase will take place as a side event of the Living Planet Symposium 2016.
      Agenda can be accessed here.

      Sen2-Agri project at LPS 2016

      5/9-13/2016, Prague, Czech Republic

      The Sen2-Agri project and system will be presented during the Living Planet Symposium 2016.

      Sen2-Agri 2nd User Workshop

      11/18/2015, Brussels, Belgium

      Sen2-Agri project demonstration at the JECAM Annual Science Meeting, Sentinel-2 for Agriculture 2nd User Workshop and the SIGMA Annual meeting.
      Agenda can be accessed here.

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